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Be Careful!!! does look like a very promising company when you see their website. Their home page gives customers the promise of pocket friendly prices and quality services. Either this company is not shy to speak about what they offer or they are untrue to people in order to attract customers. Which one is it? Let’s have a look.

The services provided by this company are wide, separated in terms of different areas of studies: marketing, accounting, business writing, management and engineering. The main focus of the company is assignments related to business, but they say they are highly qualified to handle each and every of the mentioned areas of studies.
Still, this is quite a limited list when it comes to academic fields. If a student needs some biology or chemistry assistance, this is not something the service offers assistance with.

Customer support
Customer service is an integral part of any company. More so for a company that runs online services, it is vital to have a valid and working system. According to this Instant Assignment Help review, we can confirm that the company doesn’t offer a reliable customer service experience for its customers. From the online chatbot on their site to their phone number and emails, it is almost impossible to reach the company’s agents if you have an urgent matter. Instead, you will get a response later on when you have already sorted out the burning issue. Based on the available InstantAssignmentHelp reviews online, customers complain of unanswered calls and messages.

The website has a pricing table where you can see the cost of your order. According to the website’s info, their prices are not only affordable but even reach a percentage of 40 cheaper than other writing services.
As soon as we noticed this claim, we thought that we are about to see the cheapest price on the market. After all, 40% is quite a big number. Their longest deadline is 30 days, so we decided to check the quote for an essay of standard quality with that urgency. The standard level for such deadline costs only 6.26 USD, which is really cheap.

However, as we looked a bit deeper, we realized that the cheap prices they promise do not apply to orders with a shorter deadline than this one. For example, a 10 days deadline for the same paper costs 7.30 USD per page, while an urgent one costs 39.38USD when ordered with premium quality. Not only their premium quality is not 40% cheaper than their competition, but it is sometimes even more expensive.

Discounts and Special Offers
There is no such thing as a loyalty program that offers lifelong discounts to returning customers on the website. There is a special offer in the form of pop-up that appears while you are on the website, providing you with a coupon code that reduces 25% on the first order. There is no information about this discount on the website, so this may not be a long-lasting offer.

Taking this information into consideration, is a cheap service for first orders and orders with longer deadlines, but that is not the case for returning customers and short deadline orders. The promises of the company were not all valid.

Written by: Linda Evans
Date published: 06/12/2016
2.5 / 10 stars

6 Responses

  1. Charles Young

    I got my paper in time but it was a lot worse than I expected. When I asked for a revision, it took the writer 3 days to revise my paper (of course, he missed my deadline because of this). I will never order from this provider again.

  2. Claudia Nolan

    Ordering from this company was a huge mistake! Bad sources, bad formatting and countless mistakes…

  3. Johnny Chappell

    Prices here really are cheap, but I would rather go for a more expensive option if they provide better assignments. I ordered a marketing paper and got a bad referenced one, with few mistakes in it. I will not order from them again.

  4. JR

    Beware!!! Completely fraudulent company and useless at doing anything. Anything they do manage to do will be absolute rubbish. Don’t read their policies as they mean nothing. They can’t even meet a deadline, stay well clear.

  5. Paul K.

    Low prices, but the quality is the same. My analytical essay turned out to be a descriptive one and my teacher was not pleased. I would opt for a higher price and better quality. Not a service I would recommend.

  6. Chris F.

    Instantassignmenthelp has chosen the worst name there is. They don’t deliver papers instantly, they deliver them a day late! At least this was my experience with the service.

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