1. Why should I read reviews of essay writing services?

When you’re about to use a new writing service, you can never know what to expect, unless you rely on unbiased reviews. They tell you everything there is to know about the website, payment method, prices, reliability, support, quality, and other important features that help you make a random decision.

You should never make a random choice of a website when ordering papers online, since there are many scammers who will only take your money and fail to deliver what you need. Reviews warn you about such services and lead you in the right direction.

  1. Why should I trust your reviews?

We are not associated to any writing service. We’re just a group of former students, who have been ordering many papers online. We have tons of impressions we would like to share, and we want other customers of writing services to make contributions, too. The reviews at our website are based on realistic impressions and actual experience.

  1. What’s the best essay writing service I should use?

We can’t tell you that. You’re the one who decides what websites to use. We only provide our evaluations, as well as a top list based on the estimations of several factors and our direct experience with the services.

Nevertheless, we have to mention that the service that’s awesome for a particular group of users might not be the right fit for you. Some websites are great for dissertations, but the content they deliver is a bit too complex for a high school student. Others are great with book reviews, but may get stuck with lengthy projects such as theses or article reviews.

That’s why we suggest you to read few reviews at our website before making your own decision.

  1. Can I comment?

Of course you can! Feel free to share any impression under the reviews we publish. However, keep in mind that we do not allow promotions or marketing-driven comments. If we notice such thing, the comment will be deleted. Our only goal is to provide our leaders with trustworthy information.

  1. Can you review this service I’m interested in?

Sure! Contact us with your request and we’ll get to work as soon as possible!

  1. How do you write the reviews?

  • First, we find a website to review. We don’t have any preferences; we are willing to review any website a student would be interested to use.

  • We check out the policies and main features.

  • We place an order. While waiting for the paper to arrive, we test the customer support system.

  • When we receive the paper, we evaluate its quality. We tend to ask for revisions, so we can see how the team responds.

  • Then, we write the review to inform you about the entire experience.

  1. Why should I use an Aussie service?

If you’re a student in an Aussie university, you know the academic style you’re supposed to maintain is different from the one that students from USA, Canada, or UK use. A UK service, for example, would deliver content that’s noticeably different from anything else you’ve submitted before.

A native Aussie writer understands the standards of your educational system and is trained to comply with them. That’s why we recommend Aussie students to order papers from services that are specialized to serve this market.

  1. Will you give me a discount?

No, we can’t give you a discount for a writing service. Remember: we are not associated to any essay writing agency. However, we do inform you about the discounts that each service provides for its customers.

You can also find this information at their websites, but it’s much easier to analyze it through comparative reviews. Thus, you’ll find the service that gives you the best discount for the type of order you’re after.

  1. Why did you decide to write reviews?

We know how hard it is to find a decent writing service, although there are great agencies to rely on. We realized that students didn’t have realistic information they could trust, so we decided to fill in that gap.

  1. Do you recommend ordering papers online?

Look, writing skills are important to a certain extent, and you should grab every chance that lets you develop them. However, we can’t judge. If you cannot write a paper that determines the final grade, what else are you supposed to do? Of course you’ll consider the option to order it online, and we’re fully supportive of that choice. We’ve been in that exact situation and that was the only solution we had.

  1. Can I write guest reviews for your site?

Contact us! We are always willing to feature real customers’ reviews at our site, but they have to be realistic. We will check your claims and we’ll want to see fragments of the paper you’ve ordered from the service.

  1. Do you update your reviews?

If we get multiple comments that are very different from the review we provided about a particular service, we take actions to update the review. We evaluate the website once again and we place another order to see whether or not the quality went up or down.

We are fully aware that the teams and policies of these companies change. It’s an evolving industry. That’s why we are always open for updates, so you’re welcomed to make such suggestions.