Yes, it is difficult to find a qualified and affordable writing service that is capable of taking care of your dynamic needs. There are literally thousands of such sites online, however, only a few of them are capable of delivering quality work within the set budget and deadline. Additionally, there are also a lot of scam writing websites floating around the web.

EssayVikings is a relatively new writing service site that offers academic writing to students of different levels. The website looks modern and bright and the support is friendly. But, looks can be deceiving. Is the writing service really what it claims to be? We will know more about it in this EssayVikings review. review


Is EssayVikings legit?

Essay Vikings is one of the services provided by Company. Hence, all the processes and features you will see here are similar to and This makes it difficult to point whether is a good place to order a paper.

The most alarming thing about Essay Vikings is that there is no information about the prices and the distracting design. The main headquarter is situated in Nicosia, Cyprus. While it looks like a hot contender for the best writing service trophy, you can consider it to be an illegitimate website that is always looking out for ways to extract as much money as possible from its customers.

Is EssayVikings reliable?

Perhaps the biggest error on the service site’s part is its website content. While the design looks inviting and trendy, you will find a lot of mistakes regarding content. Additionally, some pieces of information are difficult to find because of so many irrelevant content on the website.

On the bright side, you might be pleased to see a physical address listed for the company. This is an important factor because it is an indication that the company is trustworthy. The address of the company proves its legitimacy and reliability and is more likely to provide you with the services that you are looking for.

What are some negative aspects of EssayVikings?

There are several negative aspects of For starters, you will first notice the steep prices. While the website promises to deliver high-quality content, they prove to be unaffordable by students, especially the long papers. Additionally, the writers also have a high charge rate.

The refund is only offered if the paper has not followed your instructions; regardless of the quality of writing, you will still have to pay for it. The customer support system agents also take their merry time to respond to your queries.

Services offered

You will see all types of academic and professional writing services offered here at EssayVikings. The writers are ready to complete all types of assignments and writing tasks, regardless of the subject or the college major. Additionally, you also have the option of placing professional business writing orders like press releases, business plans, and business writings. Several EssayVikings reviews state that the site hires only professional experts; so it is likely that you will find the right person for the job.

Essay Vikings is one of those companies that hire freelancers for the job. This means that you can choose the writer for your assignment or project. However, the main concern here is choosing the right author. While you will be able to view the profiles and comments left behind for all the writers, you cannot be sure which ones are real since most of them have been rated five-stars.

Quality of the papers and the experience of writers

EssayVikings state that they only hire the best writers for your assignments. The best way to check this claim is to take a look at all the past reviews. Sadly, you will not be happy after reading these reviews.

One of the review stated that the writing service simply reused their older essays, which is a concern when the site claims to offer ‘100% original content’. It will make you wonder whether the writers can actually keep up with the demands. Another Essay Vikings review revealed that the end product she received had an astonishing match of 61% on a general plagiarism checking site.

Price of the services

On average, most customers order a 2-page undergraduate essay with a 10-day deadline. For this, they have to pay AUD 69.49. You also have the option of purchasing additional services as well like progressive delivery for AUD 13.87, VIP support for AUD 20.05, single-page abstract for AUD 34.74, and the best writer for AUD 15.42.

While you can avail a lot of services, their price rates can prove to be a little high for your liking, especially if you are a student. Also, the prices go up as you near the deadline. The silver lining here is that you can talk with the writer to lower the prices for a small essay, which you cannot do anywhere else.

Customer support system

EssayVikings has a comprehensive FAQ section where all the common questions are answered. Additionally, you can also get in touch with the customer support team that is available 24*7. But, you might have to wait a bit for their reply. You can contact them via email or phone number. Although, it is advised that you remain calm; some EssayVikings reviews state that the agents can be unhelpful and rude, especially when you are inquiring about the refund.


Overall, it is advised that you first look for a better writing service before you decide on EssayVikings. While there are many positive aspects of the website, you will see that the negative sides overshadow the good ones. But if luck is on your side, the writing service will be able to produce the best assignment paper for you; ultimately, you can say that it is a gamble.

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