EssayShark is an online academic writing service site that provides different types of assignments like essays to students. As claimed by the service, it is one of those companies that allow you to choose the writer of your paper. Additionally, it is also one of the top writing service sites that appear in the top ten writing services in the Google main site.

The writing service claims to have been operating for a decade now. If the statistics on the website are to be believed, more than a million people have visited the site since its inception, with 930 active writers and an average rating of 9.5/10. review


Is EssayShark legit?

EssayShark is an academic writing service that states that there are no rules that will prohibit you from getting the skilled help for your assignment or paper. The site seems quite legit as the payment methods are highly secured and enabled by an SSL processor for additional safety. Additionally, you do not have to make any advanced payments, which conclude that the site is legit, safe, and not a scam company.

Is EssayShark reliable?

When you visit the main website, you will see that it has been designed and customized neatly and the interface might seem very easy to use. However, the same thing cannot be said about its usability. The website is loaded with information in a lot of places and none of them seem to provide the exact information about the company. Additionally, some EssayShark reviews also state that while the bidding system is implemented to save time, but in reality, it does not. also claims that at least 110 writers will be available at any given time; however, you will have to wait for a long time before you start receiving the offers. After that, you will also have to spend more time negotiating with the writers. Overall, you will have to spend at least 30 minutes to complete an order. If you are a customer with stringent deadlines, then EssayShark is not a reliable writing service site for you.

What are some negative aspects of EssayShark?

There are quite some negative aspects of EssayShark. While the website might seem nice and you get the choice to choose your own writers, you might start liking it less and less with time. The prices are not clear because of the bidding system.

On top of that, the writers here work on a freelance basis; you do not even know if they have the proper qualifications for the job or they even hold a degree. You will see a lot of negative reviews by students who have sworn not to make use of their services again. Overall, you can say that EssayShark is quite disappointing on many fronts and the negative reviews outrank the positive ones.

Services offered

Since the agency follows the bidding principle, the list of services here is quite flexible. You will see pre-listed types of papers like research, creative writing, critical thing, case study, coursework, admission essay, essay papers, etc. You also have the option of ordering a dissertation or a thesis; however, you should never expect a lot of bids on these challenging orders. You need to remember that you are dealing with freelance writers who have no relevant experiences in these fields.

On the order form, you will also see a category called ‘Other’ in the list of services, which allows you to order any type of paper or article. According to an review, the writing team is quite versatile, so it is possible that you might get a bid in your most unusual assignment, which is the only good thing about the services offered by Essay Shark.

Quality of the papers and the experience of writers

According to an EssayShark review, while customers have the option of monitoring the progress of the assignment paper, they rarely get to know that the work is simply being paraphrased from common sources like Wikipedia. Of course, the professors notice the trend and these students ended up with low grades.

Most customers have also complained that they have been handed low-quality paper when they were paying high prices to a top writer they have selected for the job. This is quite a serious concern because the writers on the site have been marketed as the best in their fields when in reality, they are not. Additionally, you cannot see their credentials and know about their specializations.

Price of the services

EssayShark promises to strictly follow its code ‘lowest prices on the market and you do not have to make any upfront payments’. This promise is exactly what attracts customers to the site. However, the reality is much different. Rarely will you find a writer who bids less than AUD $30 per page? You might even end up paying more than your expectations. Additionally, the people’s intuition also comes into play and tells them not to choose the lowest bid, especially for important projects.

The bright side here is that you do not have to make any sort of upfront payment. The money is reserved on your credit card and you will be asked to release the money in installments as the job progresses; but, you will not get a refund even if you do not like the final result. Also, there are no discounts.

Customer support system

The service site has no centralized customer service. You need to deal with the writer directly. If you happen to land the right writer, then you should not face a lot of hassles. However, if they are not good, you will not be happy since you will not know to whom you have to place a complaint.


From the above Essay Shark review, we come to know that this writing service site is not at all worth your time and money. Everything leaks suspicious about the site. It would be better if you opt for some other writing site rather than this one.

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