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Rated 3.5/10’s website is rather plain in design, but what catches the eye at first sight is their statement of being the Top Student Choice. Interestingly, this is a website that has not been on the market for quite so long, but has peaked among students. Let’s have a closer look into what they have to offer.

As the name suggests, the main focus here is on essays. Therefore, the company offers all types of essays you could possibly ask for. Furthermore, they offer research, thesis, team paper, dissertation and coursework services, which is not quite the wide choice of services, so you may want to look into it if you need something else.
There is a separate page for every service they offer, with a pricelist included. Still, according to the time we spent on the website, we think that they have too much irrelevant content for which many students do not have the time to go through.

The prices of services vary depending on the type of paper, quality level and urgency. Also, the urgency options vary according to the paper you want to order, which makes the services more real. For example, even though you can order an essay with a deadline of only 3 hours, you can only order a dissertation with a shortest deadline of 48 hours.

When compared to other services, the prices of are affordable, ranging from $11.97 for essay of Standard quality with a deadline of 10 days to $23.19 per page for a dissertation with a deadline of 48 hours, of Premium Quality. However, feedback from customers had made us reconsider whether one should order something other than essays from this service, since the comments about the other papers are mainly negative.

Discounts and Special Offers
As for the special offers, there is a first-time order discount of 20% on the homepage. This discount is not listed on the Discount Page, so we cannot confirm that it will still be there when you want to use it. If you want to use it as a special offer, you need to enter a code with your order.
The discount page lists lifelong discounts that range from 5 to 15% and depend on the accumulated number of pages a returning customer has.
Overall, is a good service, especially if we consider that it has been on the market for such short time. However, there are certain things that definitely need improvement, such as the website content.

Written by: Linda Evans
Date published: 06/12/2016
3.5 / 10 stars

2 thoughts on “ Review ★★✭☆☆

  1. I ordered a premium quality paper and got something that would normally fit the standard category. I don’t even want to imagine what I would have received if I chose the cheaper option. This company is a complete waste of my money!

  2. It was good that I got 20% discount since the paper I got was definitely not worth the original price! I got a delayed paper and almost missed my deadline and there were so many mistakes in it that I had to fix it all night. Very disappointed!

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