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Overview is a writing and editing service designed for college students. They work on undergraduate papers and bachelor pages. They also have a “Professional” option for people who want top-class work. They also offer admission help, but few people take them up on their admission services. Editing and proofreading charges run from $5.40 to $50 per page. also offer a problem solving option, which has its own set of prices. That is the option they give you if they cannot classify the project you are working on. The interesting things about this site is that it is aimed at UK students yet everything is very American, including prices.


Peruse their cheap looking website that is stuffed with meaningless text, and you will find their services pages. They offer dissertation, research paper, and coursework writing services. They will also edit, proofread papers you have written yourself and finish incomplete paper. Their problem solving service is a catch-all service and they charge you appropriately based on the problem-solving price list.

It is disconcerting that you cannot access their “Our writers” page. We tried over the course of a few days and there was no access. We cannot know if this a permanent feature or whether they were simply updating it. Perhaps though, what is even more disconcerting is that the website text is poor. It is obviously written by a non-native English speaker and yet it is providing a UK service. If they cannot write proper English on the website itself, what confidence can you have in the quality of the work of the writers?


The company asks that you give your email address and you sign up before you are able to get a customized price for their services. You can get a rough idea of what they will charge on their prices page. For example, it shows that they charge an average of $9 per page for undergraduate work with a deadline of 14 days, and they offer a price of $31 for work done within three hours. Their prices are very low when compared to the industry standard, but you get what you pay for.

Discounts and special offers do not offer discounts or special offers. You do get a free outline and free title page, but that is standard practice in the writing industry. They do have a refund policy: that is if you can work your way through the worst ever text explaining the policy. It contains so many conditions and ifs and buts yet does not emphasize that they aim for high quality in the first place.

Overall this site should come with a health warning. If you are looking for a UK essay company, at least find one where the website text is written in decent English.

Written by: Linda Evans
Date published: 07/12/2016
3.0 / 10 stars

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