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Edubirdie review
Rated 3/10
Be Careful!!!

Overview is not an writing service in the strictest sense of the word. It is a essay-writing marketplace. There is not a team of writers waiting to take your project. Instead, there is a series of freelance writers from all over Australia. They are waiting for you to post your essay job on the system. When you place your essay order on the system, the writers bid on it, and you have to choose the bid that suits your budget. You cannot tell which writers are good and which are bad, especially since the rating system seems very easy to manipulate. For example, you can sign up as a writer, start a second profile, give yourself a bunch of cheap essay tasks from one account to the other and then rate yourself very highly. There are no safeguards against system manipulation in this way.

Website design

The complexity or rather simplicity of a website matters a lot in terms of attracting customers. At first, when you visit their site, you may not quickly notice the edubirdie scam. However, after a close look at all their buttons and services, you will start to question its legitimacy. According to this edubirdie review, we can confidently say that their site has a lot of anomalies. For one, we noticed that the services button is hidden, and only a simple list is visible for customers. This makes a client assume that they lack the professionality to handle all academic texts. If you have to navigate throughout a site to get a specific service you’re interested in, then this means that they don’t offer it. But why waste customers’ time looking for services when they aren’t available. And conversely, through our in-depth edubirdie review, we found out that they don’t offer several services.


Pick a type of essay, and they will write it for you. They are mostly aiming to help college students who live in Australia, but they also operate in the UK and USA. They allow you to pick your subject and the type of essay you want written. then allows you to chat with your paper writer. They are really email hungry. The website does all it can to add you to their mailing list. They don’t let you progress in any shape or form unless you give them your email address.


There is no way to judge your price because you have to put your essay on the market for people to bid on. The people on the system will tell you how much you have to pay. The advert on their website says you can make your order for free, but that is not really how it works. You put your order into the system a little like putting your essay on a notice board. Writers bid on the essay project, but it is difficult to tell which are good writers and which are unqualified or lying. Their bid prices are never below $13 per page, so that is probably the lowest limit the website imposes.

Discounts and special offers

The way that the website is set up does not allow any type of discount or sale. You cannot even negotiate with your writers because they are not allowed to lower their bid once they have placed it. The website says that they will choose the best writer for you if you give them $13.09, which is a massive rip off. If they know that some of their writers are not the “Best”, then why are they on the system? Why are they allowing poor quality writers to bid on your project?

If you want a discount, then name your price in your instructions. Name your price with words so the system will not pick up on what you are doing. If you name your price in the instructions, then there is a chance that a willing writer will name that very price.

Written by: Linda Evans
Date published: 07/12/2016
3.0 / 10 stars Review ★✭☆☆☆ review
Rated 2.5/10
Be Careful!!! does look like a very promising company when you see their website. Their home page gives customers the promise of pocket friendly prices and quality services. Either this company is not shy to speak about what they offer or they are untrue to people in order to attract customers. Which one is it? Let’s have a look.

The services provided by this company are wide, separated in terms of different areas of studies: marketing, accounting, business writing, management and engineering. The main focus of the company is assignments related to business, but they say they are highly qualified to handle each and every of the mentioned areas of studies.
Still, this is quite a limited list when it comes to academic fields. If a student needs some biology or chemistry assistance, this is not something the service offers assistance with.

Customer support
Customer service is an integral part of any company. More so for a company that runs online services, it is vital to have a valid and working system. According to this Instant Assignment Help review, we can confirm that the company doesn’t offer a reliable customer service experience for its customers. From the online chatbot on their site to their phone number and emails, it is almost impossible to reach the company’s agents if you have an urgent matter. Instead, you will get a response later on when you have already sorted out the burning issue. Based on the available InstantAssignmentHelp reviews online, customers complain of unanswered calls and messages.

The website has a pricing table where you can see the cost of your order. According to the website’s info, their prices are not only affordable but even reach a percentage of 40 cheaper than other writing services.
As soon as we noticed this claim, we thought that we are about to see the cheapest price on the market. After all, 40% is quite a big number. Their longest deadline is 30 days, so we decided to check the quote for an essay of standard quality with that urgency. The standard level for such deadline costs only 6.26 USD, which is really cheap.

However, as we looked a bit deeper, we realized that the cheap prices they promise do not apply to orders with a shorter deadline than this one. For example, a 10 days deadline for the same paper costs 7.30 USD per page, while an urgent one costs 39.38USD when ordered with premium quality. Not only their premium quality is not 40% cheaper than their competition, but it is sometimes even more expensive.

Discounts and Special Offers
There is no such thing as a loyalty program that offers lifelong discounts to returning customers on the website. There is a special offer in the form of pop-up that appears while you are on the website, providing you with a coupon code that reduces 25% on the first order. There is no information about this discount on the website, so this may not be a long-lasting offer.

Taking this information into consideration, is a cheap service for first orders and orders with longer deadlines, but that is not the case for returning customers and short deadline orders. The promises of the company were not all valid.

Written by: Linda Evans
Date published: 06/12/2016
2.5 / 10 stars Review ★★★☆☆

myassignmenthelp review
Rated 4/10 has been offering writing assistance to students of all academic levels for years now. The website of the company lists three core values of their service: on-time delivery, top quality work and affordable prices. Whether this company really provides these conditions or not, you will see in this review.

Services does offer a wide range of academic services. This includes essay, dissertation, case study, homework, coursework, thesis, programming and MBA services.
The interesting thing about this company is the countries to which they offer these services. According to their website, the company has chosen to assist students from the UK and US, but also from New Zealand, China and Malaysia. Even if this were a good option for those who do not reside in Australia, UK or US, would the company be able to provide as good papers to people who study in different education system?

It is imperative for a company that offers services to students to have the best writers. This is because writers determine the end product that is given to the student. According to our detailed my assignment help review, we found out that their site has scanty details about their writers. While you can see the academic qualifications of some, others don’t seem to have theirs shown clearly. However, the company tends only to show their highly reputable writers with Ph.D. and masters. You will only realize that you are being taken for a ride once you analyze their content. We can confirm, according to this Myassignment help review, that the quality delivered does not wholly coincide with the ratings they give their writers.

There is not much information on the prices or a pricelist on the website. Actually, in order to see the prices, we had to login to the website and provide them with personal details. Being a student often means having little time, so we are not very sure if a student would want to go through all this trouble without even knowing the cost.
If you are interested in the quality of service, you could look into the samples, which are relatively good in terms of content. All samples are factual, referenced and well written. As soon as you opt for this service, you will notice that the prices are in the average category when compared to other services. Still, the feedback we found online regarding their quality of content was a bit concerning. Many people complained of syntax and vocabulary mistakes in content.

Discounts and Special Offers
We have been looking for some discounts for first-time and returning customers, but did not find any on the website. Additionally, there is no such thing as a coupon you could use or a special offer at this time, which is a big disadvantage for companies of this kind. The truth is, the majority of content writing services do provide at least a minimum discount of 5% to returning or first-time customers.

Overall, this is also a valid company, but we still found some things concerning. They do not offer any discounts whatsoever and many people have said that their customer service does not do a very good job answering the live chat. Considering that they offer services to customers from several countries, this is a big problem.

Written by: Linda Evans
Date published: 06/12/2016
4.0 / 10 stars Review ★☆☆☆☆

Be careful!!! is rated 2.1 which is extremely negative.
We highly recommend you should use another service for your academic needs.
Detected Problems:
  • high prices
  • very low-quality papers
  • fake testimonials
  • plagiarized content
  • non-existent customer service


Rated 2.5/10 is an Australian essay writing service. The company provides several writing solutions to students, such as essays and other academic papers. The main presentation website does not contain too much information. There are only a few tabs available such as services, prices, testimonials, discounts and an online calculator for placing the order. However, the website loads extremely slow, and the information presented in different sections seems unreliable.


EssayRoo does not offer an extremely impressive list of services. Their solutions mainly include rewriting, editing, copywriting, Dissertations, resumes, and multiple choice questions. The main biggest problem we noted is that they do not enlist essay services. The company calls itself an essay writing company, but on the list of services you cannot find any admission essays, persuasive essays or descriptive essays. They offer in total about 8 services only, which is a very poor database.


There are several testimonials available on the website which inform the reader that the quality delivered is excellent. However, we have verified all of the testimonial sources and they are fake. We also checked out a few samples available on the website, and 3 out of 5 samples are plagiarized. Some of these samples contain very poor academic or scientific language, while others contain clearly copied content from online journals and academic research portals.

We also placed an order to verify the quality provided from 3 sources. We received a paper in Psychology that contained many stylistic and grammatical errors, and many blocks of text that were plagiarized. We also found major editing problems throughout the whole text.


Given the fact they offer the poorest quality possible, the prices are quite expensive. For a 5-page “academic” paper with a deadline of 10 days you need to pay more than $100. For a more urgent deadline of 6 hours, you need to pay $35 per page which means that for 5 pages you have to take out of pocket almost $200.

We consider these prices are not tailored to fit the limited budget of a student. Which student can actually afford to pay almost $200 for 5 pages for one subject only? This means that students should have to pay out of pocket at last $1,000 each month only for a few assignments.

Revision policy, guarantees and online reputation

Based on their revision policy, you will get unlimited free revisions in case the quality delivered doesn’t coincide with your expectation. This only takes place within 14 days after the task is completed. After that, you will have to bear the costs. Also, you can apply for a refund according to their site’s policy. But this is where the trick is, according to our essayroo review. You will have to wait for their quality team to assess the essay and either give a refund or not. You can already guess what their outcome usually is – no refund. Also, based on the essayroo reviews from the customers, the money-back guarantee never works in favor of the client. And this accounts for their negative online reputation, according to this essayroo review.


EssayRoo representatives can be contacted any time of the day or night for questions and help with placing an order. This is what they advertise on the website but when we contacted them via chat no one responded. We tried several times to contact the team of representatives to place a quick order. Then, we have called them on the number enlisted on the home page, and the representative finally answered but could not give us professional help. We consider their customer service is extremely poor, and their service representatives are not well trained.


If you need truly reliable and trustworthy help with you academic paper, you should search for something else. EssayRoo does not offer quality and valuable services, and they don’t even have a great choice of writing solutions available. They charge very expensive fees and offer plagiarized and poor quality content for your money. Customer service is almost lacking and the website does not offer any valuable information regarding their services, guarantees, etc. Our quality advice is that you should research another top reliable company and select a service that is indeed trustworthy.

Written by: Linda Evans
Date published: 06/12/2016
2,5 / 10 stars Review ★★★★★

Rated 9.2/10

When you land at the website of Australian Writings, everything seems familiar even when you’re a first-time user. The design is pretty intuitive, so you immediately know where to find the details you need. The company provides a wide variety of services that go way beyond essays. Students can also order coursework, movie/book reviews, term papers, dissertations, and many other types of academic content.

There are plenty of benefits to list, but here are the most notable ones:

  • Native Aussie writers with MA or PhD degrees

  • Guarantees for confidentiality and satisfaction

  • Great quality for a low price

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Prices and Discounts

The prices are provided in a separate section at the website. is a very popular and reputable service, but it still keeps its prices within the limits of reasonable. An essay, for example, costs from A$19.99 to A$ 58.99 per page, depending on the quality and deadline you set. The customer can choose from Standard, Premium, and Platinum quality; and the deadlines range from 10 days to 3 hours.

Dissertation projects are available with deadlines from 2 months to 48 hours, and they cost from A$ 21.99 to A$ 44.99 per page. Editing services are very affordable – the price per page is set from A$ 13.99 to A$ 36.99.

Discounts are also available when you use this service, regardless whether you’re a first-time user or a loyal customer. The discount code for the first order gives you 20% off, whereas the reductions loyal users get 5%, 10%, or 15% off the final price.


It is imperative to offer a guarantee, especially when working with students. This helps to build their confidence in the services you’re offering. According to our Australian writings review, the company has a money-back guarantee for their customers. This is in case the content delivered has plagiarism or is the opposite of what you ordered. This gives you, as a customer, the peace of mind to be confident when submitting your assignment. However, such cases are next to nil according to most australianwritings reviews from customers. The company is known for quality and faults such as plagiarism may occur once in a blue moon.


When you’re in a hurry to get a paper and you don’t want to waste time when placing the order, this website is one of the best choices you could make. You’ll notice there’s not too much content on the main pages. The team just reminds you of the main features, guarantees, and advantages without any rambling. Thus, it’s easy to get the info you need and carry on with the ordering procedure.

AustralianWritings doesn’t force the visitors to sign up for a profile before getting access to the complete order form. There are no spam emails; just a straightforward ordering process that leads you to the desired results.

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What about the Quality?

We ordered an essay with a very short deadline of 6 hours. We still needed the piece to be quite elaborate, so we asked the writer to write a compare/contrast paper that would examine different points of view. We were surprised to get such a complex essay on time, but we were even more surprised with the quality: it was great.

The writer paid attention to all instructions and made sure to deliver a unique piece of content that not only passed plagiarism detection engines, but also presented fresh opinions.

Customer Support

The available contact options include live chat, phone, and email. We recommend the live chat feature as the most convenient way of getting in touch with the 24/7 support. The agents were very prompt with the answers, and we got great assistance through all stages of the order.


There are plenty of testimonials about this service, and they will all tell you the same: it’s a legit website that deserves a student’s attention. We placed an order from this agency and we realized that the reputation was based not only on experience, but on great quality, convenience, and support as well.

Written by: Linda Evans
Date published: 09/09/2016
9.2 / 10 stars review ★★★★✭

read Assignmentgeek review
Rated 9.3

I’ve been cooperating with paper writing services for a long time, but I never really got the opportunity to test Assignment Geek. I did see a lot of reviews online, but I was still asking myself one very important question: Is Assignmentgeek legit?

I decided to check it out and it really turned out to be a nice experience. Assignment Geek is a professional content creation agency from Australia with dozens of expert authors who specialize in everything from math to sociology. My little experiment inspired me to create a new Assignment geek review, so let’s check out their most important features.

1.     Content Quality

After reading several reviews, I wasn’t expecting anything less than high-quality content. I ordered three completely different papers and each one of those was close to flawless. Only one assignment actually required a small revision, but the author made it in no time. I also used Copyscape to check the text for plagiarism, but it proved to be 100% original.

2.     Prices

Most of Assignment geek reviews discussed the affordability of this service, so I had to see it myself. Prices vary based on word counts and deadlines, but all in all Assignment Geek offers value for money. It is certainly one of the cheapest writing agencies out there, while first-time clients get a 15% discount. There are no hidden fees whatsoever and the agency guarantees a full refund in case you don’t like the end product.

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3.     Types of Services

When it comes to the sheer quantity of services, not too many content writing agencies can compete with Assignment Geek. They can create a wide range of papers:

  • Assignment, book reviews, case studies
  • Coursework, dissertations, editing and proofreading services
  • Essays, movie reviews, research papers, term papers, and thesis

The best thing about it is that you can order custom papers and tailor it so as to match highly specific needs or academic standards.

4.     Timely Delivery

Timing is another detail I really liked about Assignment Geek. Unlike many other content creation services, they actually make it on time and even go a step further by sending you papers in advance whenever possible. I actually ordered a book review with a 4-day deadline, but they did in three days. This is a big benefit since you can always take additional time to read the paper and ask them to make corrections if necessary.

5.     Website Usability

This is the feature you won’t find too often when reading an review, but I believe it is important to mention the issue of website usability. Assignment Geek built a user-friendly site with all the basic features you could expect to find there. They made things easy by creating only the most important categories, so you can find anything you need in two clicks maximum.

6.     Customer Service

Assignment Geek pays special attention to customer relationship, so you can contact them 24/7. They offer all of the usual communication methods, including phone, email, and live messaging. The latter channel of communication is particularly useful because it guarantees timely feedback, but customer support agents also reply to emails relatively quickly. To cut the long story short, it is a reliable customer service team that you can count on around the clock.

7.     Confidentiality

Writing this Assignment geek review, I felt it was important to add a word or two about confidentiality. It’s a major principle in online paper writing and Assignment Geek definitely respects it. They have a comprehensive privacy policy and guarantee 100% customer protection.

The Bottom Line

I didn’t have a single negative experience with Assignment Geek, so I would definitely recommend it to every student struggling to meet deadlines. Their site is easy to navigate and they explain concisely how the ordering process works, which helped me to avoid confusion or possible misinterpretations. The authors I worked with proved to be very knowledgeable, professional, and available all the time. All in all, it was a very positive experience and I will continue working with Assignment Geek. Review ★☆☆☆☆

Academized review from customer
Rated 2/10
Be Careful!!!

Academized is unreasonably expensive for a normal high schooler, but at the same time, their quality doesn’t match the cost. So, in case if you’re low on the spending plan, then Academized writing simply isn’t for you.

I’ll explain below why I think like that and what you can expect from using Academized writing service.

Academized is one of the numerous online academic writing trending sites specialized in a custom academic writing for all level students. In any case, in the wake of checking the administrations they offer, I saw that the organization has an exceptionally restricted list of scholastic papers which they can help you to write.


Matching orders is of a great importance of delivering quality product to the customer.

This was the line which brought me closer to Academized and I hired them on high rates. But my experience with Academized was very painful.  I paid $25 dollars per page but the quality of content which I got seemed like it was written by some 2nd or 3rd grader. I found dozens of syntactic blunders, couldn’t pursue even basic English formatting rules. One thing I want to add here that it is not necessary that all their writers are of the same standard, but what I experienced was far from even moderate. Unfortunately, the quality of writing is below average.

Prices and Discounts

If you were expecting a fair price list or discounts then look further! Only Editing services I find as having fair prices, while the rest of their services like Proofreading, Copywriting, Writing, Rewriting are expensive. At the same time, if you have big projects then you get 5% lifetime discount when you order 15 pages, 10% when you order over 50 pages. So if you need to write small projects then the company is not offering you any discounts. In this regard, services are more expensive than those which their competitors offer. Maybe if the customer returns for more orders then he/she can get a loyalty discount but I am not sure about that.

Quality of Work 

As I’ve said I hired a writer from the top-level experts at Academized. I was in a hurry and had no other alternative as there was a hard deadline. Academized delivered the report with watermarked effects. Do they think that students need to re-type the entire report to give it to a mentor for the final submission? When I asked for the explanation from Academized, they exhorted me to peruse their T’s and C’s meaning that once we accept the work they are not responsible for them thereafter. However in my case, I accepted the final report in a hurry because the deadline was very close.

Customer Support

Poor communication and rude Customer Support. Customer support agents are not available most of the times. Sure they have a chat on the website but that is also email based contact form, therefore it’s no use because nobody won’t reply you there. I admit that this is the worst support I have ever seen…

Final Conclusion

As a conclusion, I can say that services which are provided by Academized don’t correspond with the money they charge. It seems that their writers are not native speakers and the cost is undoubtedly high.

Academized – is not recommended. Review ★☆☆☆☆

Rated 2/10
Be Careful!!! is an assignment writing service in Australia. Therefore students who are swamped with college or high school assignments and essays send them to the writers on this website for help. Considering the strict class attendance expectations and the multiple courses that students have to sit it is hard to even have a social life. This leads to a boring campus life unless the student finds a helper to relieve the student some assignments. At the same time, it is good to be assured that your helper will submit the only high-quality assignment. A poorly written assignment will definitely lower your score.

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Rated 2/10
Be Careful!!!

The opportunity to track the progress of the paper while it’s being written sounds like a huge advantage, but is also a very frustrating and time-consuming activity to take on. Considering that is a writing service you are paying to get papers from, some students may not like their approach towards fulfilling customers’ orders. At the end, it all comes down to how well they do their job.

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Rated 4/10
Be Careful!!!

Order bidding is known to be very rapid at, so time should not be as much of an issue here as it is with other companies that work with this system. However, feedback online suggests that this company is not as great as the website content promises, which is why we decided to take a closer look and see what they offer.

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