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Academized review from customer

Academized is unreasonably expensive for a normal high schooler, but at the same time, their quality doesn’t match the cost. So, in case if you’re low on the spending plan, then Academized writing simply isn’t for you.

I’ll explain below why I think like that and what you can expect from using Academized writing service.

Academized is one of the numerous online academic writing trending sites specialized in a custom academic writing for all level students. In any case, in the wake of checking the administrations they offer, I saw that the organization has an exceptionally restricted list of scholastic papers which they can help you to write.


Matching orders is of a great importance of delivering quality product to the customer.

This was the line which brought me closer to Academized and I hired them on high rates. But my experience with Academized was very painful.  I paid $25 dollars per page but the quality of content which I got seemed like it was written by some 2nd or 3rd grader. I found dozens of syntactic blunders, couldn’t pursue even basic English formatting rules. One thing I want to add here that it is not necessary that all their writers are of the same standard, but what I experienced was far from even moderate. Unfortunately, the quality of writing is below average.

Prices and Discounts

If you were expecting a fair price list or discounts then look further! Only Editing services I find as having fair prices, while the rest of their services like Proofreading, Copywriting, Writing, Rewriting are expensive. At the same time, if you have big projects then you get 5% lifetime discount when you order 15 pages, 10% when you order over 50 pages. So if you need to write small projects then the company is not offering you any discounts. In this regard, services are more expensive than those which their competitors offer. Maybe if the customer returns for more orders then he/she can get a loyalty discount but I am not sure about that.

Quality of Work 

As I’ve said I hired a writer from the top-level experts at Academized. I was in a hurry and had no other alternative as there was a hard deadline. Academized delivered the report with watermarked effects. Do they think that students need to re-type the entire report to give it to a mentor for the final submission? When I asked for the explanation from Academized, they exhorted me to peruse their T’s and C’s meaning that once we accept the work they are not responsible for them thereafter. However in my case, I accepted the final report in a hurry because the deadline was very close.

Customer Support

Poor communication and rude Customer Support. Customer support agents are not available most of the times. Sure they have a chat on the website but that is also email based contact form, therefore it’s no use because nobody won’t reply you there. I admit that this is the worst support I have ever seen…

Final Conclusion

As a conclusion, I can say that services which are provided by Academized don’t correspond with the money they charge. It seems that their writers are not native speakers and the cost is undoubtedly high.

Academized – is not recommended. Review

Bigassignment is an assignment writing service in Australia. Therefore students who are swamped with college or high school assignments and essays send them to the writers on this website for help. Considering the strict class attendance expectations and the multiple courses that students have to sit it is hard to even have a social life. This leads to a boring campus life unless the student finds a helper to relieve the student some assignments. At the same time, it is good to be assured that your helper will submit the only high-quality assignment. A poorly written assignment will definitely lower your score.

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The opportunity to track the progress of the paper while it’s being written sounds like a huge advantage, but is also a very frustrating and time-consuming activity to take on. Considering that is a writing service you are paying to get papers from, some students may not like their approach towards fulfilling customers’ orders. At the end, it all comes down to how well they do their job.

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Order bidding is known to be very rapid at, so time should not be as much of an issue here as it is with other companies that work with this system. However, feedback online suggests that this company is not as great as the website content promises, which is why we decided to take a closer look and see what they offer.
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A starting rate of $18 per page is not a very inviting offer, therefore not worthy bragging about. Even so, decided to select this as the best feature they offer, accompanied by ‘excellent results’ and ‘short deadlines’. Whether this means that the company is of extremely high quality for the price offered or they are another scam service, you are about to find out.

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At first sight, the website of seems like one of the most professionally designed writing services online. However, when we looked into the content this website contains, we found various strange statements. For example, the list of free features includes the commonly offered features and yet, the company has estimated these to be worth approximately $93! This makes the company an expensive one and yet, they promise to offer ‘best paper prices’.

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Overview is a writing and editing service designed for college students. They work on undergraduate papers and bachelor pages. They also have a “Professional” option for people who want top-class work. They also offer admission help, but few people take them up on their admission services. Editing and proofreading charges run from $5.40 to $50 per page. also offer a problem solving option, which has its own set of prices. That is the option they give you if they cannot classify the project you are working on. The interesting things about this site is that it is aimed at UK students yet everything is very American, including prices.


Peruse their cheap looking website that is stuffed with meaningless text, and you will find their services pages. They offer dissertation, research paper, and coursework writing services. They will also edit, proofread papers you have written yourself and finish incomplete paper. Their problem solving service is a catch-all service and they charge you appropriately based on the problem-solving price list.

It is disconcerting that you cannot access their “Our writers” page. We tried over the course of a few days and there was no access. We cannot know if this a permanent feature or whether they were simply updating it. Perhaps though, what is even more disconcerting is that the website text is poor. It is obviously written by a non-native English speaker and yet it is providing a UK service. If they cannot write proper English on the website itself, what confidence can you have in the quality of the work of the writers?


The company asks that you give your email address and you sign up before you are able to get a customized price for their services. You can get a rough idea of what they will charge on their prices page. For example, it shows that they charge an average of $9 per page for undergraduate work with a deadline of 14 days, and they offer a price of $31 for work done within three hours. Their prices are very low when compared to the industry standard, but you get what you pay for.

Discounts and special offers do not offer discounts or special offers. You do get a free outline and free title page, but that is standard practice in the writing industry. They do have a refund policy: that is if you can work your way through the worst ever text explaining the policy. It contains so many conditions and ifs and buts yet does not emphasize that they aim for high quality in the first place.

Overall this site should come with a health warning. If you are looking for a UK essay company, at least find one where the website text is written in decent English.

Date published: 07/12/2016
3.0 / 10 stars review

Overview is not an writing service in the strictest sense of the word. It is a essay-writing marketplace. There is not a team of writers waiting to take your project. Instead, there is a series of freelance writers from all over Australia. They are waiting for you to post your essay job on the system. When you place your essay order on the system, the writers bid on it, and you have to choose the bid that suits your budget. You cannot tell which writers are good and which are bad, especially since the rating system seems very easy to manipulate. For example, you can sign up as a writer, start a second profile, give yourself a bunch of cheap essay tasks from one account to the other and then rate yourself very highly. There are no safeguards against system manipulation in this way.


Pick a type of essay, and they will write it for you. They are mostly aiming to help college students who live in Australia, but they also operate in the UK and USA. They allow you to pick your subject and the type of essay you want written. then allows you to chat with your paper writer. They are really email hungry. The website does all it can to add you to their mailing list. They don’t let you progress in any shape or form unless you give them your email address.


There is no way to judge your price because you have to put your essay on the market for people to bid on. The people on the system will tell you how much you have to pay. The advert on their website says you can make your order for free, but that is not really how it works. You put your order into the system a little like putting your essay on a notice board. Writers bid on the essay project, but it is difficult to tell which are good writers and which are unqualified or lying. Their bid prices are never below $13 per page, so that is probably the lowest limit the website imposes.

Discounts and special offers

The way that the website is set up does not allow any type of discount or sale. You cannot even negotiate with your writers because they are not allowed to lower their bid once they have placed it. The website says that they will choose the best writer for you if you give them $13.09, which is a massive rip off. If they know that some of their writers are not the “Best”, then why are they on the system? Why are they allowing poor quality writers to bid on your project?

If you want a discount, then name your price in your instructions. Name your price with words so the system will not pick up on what you are doing. If you name your price in the instructions, then there is a chance that a willing writer will name that very price.



Written by: Linda Evans
Date published: 07/12/2016
3.0 / 10 stars Review

myasservice calls itself ‘the best writing service’. The company is based in the US and claims to be extremely popular among students. According to their About Us section, the prices they offer for academic papers are the ‘least possible affordable prices’. is either very proud or they bite off more than they can chew. Let’s see which one it is.

The services are separated into three categories: writing services, essays and homework services. The first two somehow overlap, since essay writing is also a writing service, so we don’t quite understand why they would place this in a separate category.

Regardless of their choice of categories, the company seems to offer various services that you can see in the Prices page, on the dropdown menu. Their Services page is present, but somehow misses the key role it should play – it does not list the services but provides some irrelevant content instead.
We decided to opt for something more complex – a dissertation chapter. Unfortunately, the chapter we got did not fit the other chapters at all, even though it was well written. Additionally, it cost us a lot of money when compared to other services.

There is no pricelist on the website, but you can calculate your order by using the calculator on the Prices page.
On the home page, we found an indication that you can order your papers starting from $12.99. This is the price for an essay with a deadline of 10 days, which is the longest deadline the company offers. However, if you order such essay for a deadline of 24 hours, the cost increases to $24.99 per page. Other papers are more expensive.

The deadline of 24 hours somewhat limits students since many decide to opt for professional assistance when they lack the time or strength to finish an assignment that is due the next day. Therefore, if you need a service that will do your essay by the next morning, you would have to look elsewhere.

Discounts and Special Offers
The company offers a 15% off the first order, but there is no indication of lifelong discounts. There is a form where you can ask for a quote and perhaps you will get some discount, but this takes up much of the time students do not have.

Conclusion is a popular US service, but there are many things they need to fix. The website needs some improvement in terms of information since there is huge lack of important information that makes their promises seem suspicious.

Date published: 07/12/2016
3.5 / 10 stars Review


Presenting itself as the ‘A grader assignment service’, this company offers its writing expertise to students from US and worldwide. offers an inviting discount of 15% to those who decide to give the company a shot at handling their assignments. Is this a service you should try out? Read on.

When it comes to range of services, the list on the website is very confusing. Firstly, there is no such thing as a Services page, but a short list on the homepage. This list consists of essay writing, research paper, coursework help, assignment help, homework services, custom papers and other services. Considering that most of them somehow overlap, you cannot clearly see what they offer unless you open the ordering page and try to select your academic paper.

We decided to order a dissertation from the service. Apparently, you can order a dissertation for doctoral level, but with a quality of undergraduate. Why would they give such options? The quality of papers is not set in terms of Standard or Premium, but of academic levels, which is very confusing.

The paper we received was of average quality, even though we ordered it with the highest quality level. Choosing a lower quality option is therefore definitely not recommended.

Prices are almost impossible to find. Even though there is a special page for prices, the only rate mentioned here is the lowest one. Once you enter all personal information needed for the ordering process into the ordering form, you will see the quote on the bottom.

The lowest price of $12.99 applies to the lowest, undergraduate level for an essay assignment, with the longest possible deadline. If you decide to order an essay with the same or closer deadline, the prices are definitely not among the cheapest ones. We would place them in the average price category.

Discounts and Special Offers

If you are ordering for the first time, you can enter the 15% discount code and enjoy a reduced price for your order. However, there is no indication of a lifelong or bulk discount, so this would not be a preferred service for those who offer their papers online often.

From what we found, may be an A grader service, but not for an affordable price. The whole process one has to go through to see the quote they would pay is too time consuming and results in a higher price than one would expect from reading the content on the website. Additionally, there are no discount options aside from the inviting 15% off first-order discount, which is a reason why many students would turn to another service.

Date published: 07/12/2016
2.5 / 10 stars