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Be Careful!!! is an assignment writing service in Australia. Therefore students who are swamped with college or high school assignments and essays send them to the writers on this website for help. Considering the strict class attendance expectations and the multiple courses that students have to sit it is hard to even have a social life. This leads to a boring campus life unless the student finds a helper to relieve the student some assignments. At the same time, it is good to be assured that your helper will submit the only high-quality assignment. A poorly written assignment will definitely lower your score.

We checked out the big assignment website and came up with this site review. Click here to keep reading.

Features that Differentiate the Services Offered by Big Assignment

  1. The company offers native writers for the Australian market
  2. Fair pricing
  3. Enjoy discounted rates
  4. Money back guarantee

Customers’ Feedback

Zahi Cohen:

   The writer was quick to accept the assignment, but to-date we haven’t heard from him.

Website Design and Ease of Use

Au.bigassignments is designed well and you will find enough information on the website. However, we picked some points of concern when we visited their pages. The homepage is too wordy and it is not easy to find the essential information about their services. In fact, we skipped the basic information that we were looking for several times before deciding to thoroughly search for it from page to page. For example, information on using Big Assignments Writing Service is placed at the end of the homepage.

Therefore for the new site viewer who would like to skim through quickly and have a glimpse of how the company works will have to come back severally.  The “About Us” page is also not easily found.  You have to click on the “More” label found at the very last end where the pages are. Therefore you have to spend a lot of time on the website to find the information you are looking for. Well, having lots of information on your website is a good idea. However, consider the ease of finding the information.

Another crucial feature that we found is that there is no search tool on the website. This could have made it easier to find a description of the services you are seeking for. Instead, you have to find the specific service under the “Services Tab” so as to read about the services offered.

The company has placed the ordering tool on all the pages. In our view, this might not work well for several clients. It looks like big assignment is pushing clients too much to place the orders. Therefore, this might be mistaken for a fraudulent deal. Again, the “Place an Order” prompt is taking a huge space on the website that could be used to summarize the information on the website.

The Services Offered

We also took time to review the services offered. According to the information on the site, it`s clear that the website offers writing services which include assignment writing, proofreading, editing, copywriting, rewriting, CV writing and dissertation services. We didn’t find any buy essay service. Therefore, as per the information available, we assumed that the company doesn’t write academic essays.

Our other assumption was that assignment help Australia offers these services for students in all the academic levels. Under the services tab, we expected to find an inclusive description of all the services that the company offers in one place, but we didn’t find it. We just had to read the subsections one by one. If there was the main page describing each service this couldn’t be an issue. We were, however, able to find the information eventually after reading all the subsections.

Service Prices and Discounts

The pricing is described under each service. It is therefore fair for a visitor who wants to have a view of the prices before deciding to buy or not. However, under the prices tab, you have to select the services from a drop-down menu and populate other fields to calculate the services. In our own view, these services are overpriced. The assignment help company offers discounts depending on the number of pages that you need for your assignment.

Quality of Services

Quality assurance is a crucial bit when deciding to hire a writer or not. To be sure the company will offer quality services; we hired a writer for out math’s assignment. The hiring process was not a great experience. Finally, we did find someone for our assignment. However, after the submission, we realized the writer didn’t use the right approach while solving the sums. We had to re-do the assignment.

Support Services

According to what we found on the site, you can request chat support at any time. However, you have to register your details to get attention. Alternatively, you can call the company through the line provided on the website.


While seeking for assignment help especially from a service provider you never hired before, it is wise that you first scrutinize the quality of writers. This can easily be done by reading the online review.

Written by: John Miller
Date published: 24/04/2018
2 / 10 points

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