Review is a writing service site based in Australia and has been in business for more than 10 years now. The site’s main aim is to deliver high-quality and custom-tailored content to its customers ranging from students to businessmen. The writing platform employs a team of professionals who are experts in their fields of study.

The company is known to offer several different types of services like formatting, editing, proofreading, resume writing services, dissertations, essay writings, etc. It is also said that the writing service offers several different guarantees as well.

But one major concern about BigAssignments is that, despite offering high-quality assignments, the customers are not happy with the work given to them. Several BIG Assignments Australia reviews state that the quality of the work done is not worth the amount of money paid to them. review


Is BIGassignments legit?

While the website consists of contact details like email addresses, telephone details, and a live chat option, there are still some lingering doubts about the legitimacy of BIGassignments. One BIG Assignments review states that there is no information about the number of writers the company has. On top of that, you also do not know about the qualifications of the writers.

But for a company that has been operating for so many years, there are plenty of reviews stating that the writing service has been truly doing well. But, the company can definitely do better in establishing its legitimacy to its customers like providing security measures about money transactions, personal information about the customer, etc.

Is BIGassignments reliable?

According to the website, has been operating for a decade now, which would give most customers a feeling that the company is reliable. However, a lot of reviews from students mention that the quality of the services provided is not up to the mark.

The writing service site claims that if the customer is not satisfied with the quality of the work, their money will be returned to them. However, the reviews tell another story; students faced a hard time to get their money back, even after they reported their dissatisfaction with the quality of the work. This single aspect is enough to say that BIGassignments are not as reliable as most people would think when it comes to delivering quality content.

What are some negative aspects of BIGassignments?

Most negative BIG Assignments reviews complain about the designing aspect of the website. It is heavy on content and tends to become confusing. Most people do not bother reading anything at all and miss out on important details.

Additionally, there is not much clarity about the company’s policies. The prices of the services are expensive as well; for price rates like these, you would expect to see the extremely great quality. However, most BIGassignments reviews state that the quality of the assignments turned out to be extremely poor.

Services offered

All services for students are covered at BigAssignments. The writing service site offers a lot of academic content like case studies, research papers, book reviews, essays, etc. Unlikely subjects like statistics, science, and math are also covered. The company also offers copywriting services for website owners and bloggers who are looking for content for their websites.

However, BigAssignments also offer rewriting services, which is not exactly a good thing. This makes the company look like a paraphrasing service that is trying to fake their way into the academic writing industry. Additionally, paraphrasing is not good for the students as well; professors can see right through it. If you submit a 100% original work, they will not be able to figure it out.

Quality of the papers and the experience of writers

BigAssignments offer samples so that the customers can get an idea about the quality of the work done here. Thankfully, the service site has received a lot of positive feedback and reviews regarding the quality of the content. A BIGassignments review states that the received content was free from plagiarism and good.

However, you will also see a lot of reviews from unhappy customers who were expecting so much more. Apparently, the company hires legit and qualified writers; but, the main website does not mention the type of qualifications. We do not even know whether the person writing your paper is a native-English speaker or not. This aspect makes things dicey.

Price of the services

A review stated that not a lot of students choose BIGassignments for their assignments because it is too costly. In fact, most students opt for the company because it is new and they simply want to try their services.

The lowest price for a high-school level writing with a 14-days deadline can cost around AUD 27.56 per page. At the highest, like a Doctoral level assignment with a deadline of 6 hours, the price can soar to AUD 101.83 per page.

However, BIG Assignments make sure that you receive some free features as well like the title page, an outline, and a bibliography. They will also format your work for you and provide you with a plagiarism report. You can also make limitless amendments and a 15% discount on your first order.

Customer support system

You can make use of the phone number to contact the writing service; however, it will be routed through a customer support telephone line for a scripted answer; this means that BigAssignment makes use of a call center’s services. If you use the email service, you will receive a reply within 24 hours; additionally, the agents replying via email have more ideas than the ones doing so telephonically. You will also see the live chat option; while you might think that you are talking to a real person, you are actually talking to a bot. It takes 30 minutes for the agent to log in and take over.


Big Assignments have mentioned a lot of promises on its website. However, reviews say another story. Overall, the reviews are mixed, with some people being extremely happy with the services while others were quite disappointed. While the quality of work done is quite decent, it is better that you do not rely on them completely.

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