• Excellent reputation with students of all ages;
  • A wide selection of different papers and assignments;
  • Amazing first-time offer (25% discount);

Is BestEssays legit?

Every step of our journey to write this review assured us of the same thing – this is a legit academic services company. They receive your payment, process your order, and meet your deadline with a readily written paper.

Is Bestessays reliable?

Being legit does not equal being reliable. But, turned out to be both. We aren’t the only ones to think so – all the reviews we read so far indicated the same thing.

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The Services They Provide

BestEssays is one of the most used Australian companies right now. This means that they also have a lot to offer. The company isn’t shy to offer every kind of academic help, probably since the number of Aussie writers they have hired so far allows them to provide students with everything.

That’s exactly what you’ll be found if you check the site. When we did this for our BestEssays review, we were really pleased with how our research started. If the service were to impress with the quality, too, it’d be an excellent place to get any kind of help.

Writing Quality

As we always do, we looked a bit further than just the testimonials on the Best Essays website. The statements from students are really similar to those on the website. This tells us that the BestEssays reviews on the website aren’t hand-picked or faked to make the company look good or more qualified from what they are. From everything we learned until the point we ordered, the reputation of this company is impressive.

So, we ordered a paper and waited for it. The best and most exciting part was the discount – pretty much the best you can get. This was the first time we were given a discount of 25%, so the price went much lower than we initially thought it would be.

For that price, the paper that arrived was a shock to us. It’s hard to believe that a writer would spend that much time and write such a flawless (it was literally without a flaw or error) paper within just 3 days, and for a much-reduced quote. This paper was worth the original price and more.

Prices Overview

The service has been offering similar prices since its beginnings in 1997. Right now, the lowest essay price for high school is A$22.99 per page, while the highest for the same deadline is only A$31.99 for PhD. They grow from there based on the deadline and of course, the paper. The deadlines differ a lot, too. For example, you can order an essay within 3 hours to 10 days. If you thought that 3 hours is impressive, you’d be amazed by the following information we came across – some students have ordered an entire dissertation within 2 days only! For a much better price, though, you should order ahead, preferably 2 months ahead when the price is only A$29.99 – and without the discount offers added to it.

The first-time discount isn’t the only attractive special offer by the company. Even if you have ordered before and the dissertation is one of the following papers you order, you are still getting some great price reductions.

The remaining discounts are part of a cumulative loyalty program. This program is based on how much a customer has offered since their first order. It all starts with a silver discount of 5%, given to students who order 15 to 50 pages in total. The second is the gold discount of 10%, given to students with cumulative orders between 51 and 100 pages. And the best option is 15% or the platinum discount, which you are entitled to after 101 ordered pages.


Speaking to the support is a habit of ours, even if things go as well as they went here from the beginning. We didn’t need them at all, which rarely happens, but we still got in touch with them. Since the information is all in the open and the form for ordering is extremely simple, yet detailed, the only thing we could find to ask was about the progress of the paper.

We used the live chat as the most popular option despite the fact that they have toll-free phone numbers for contact, too. This allowed us to confirm that customers don’t speak to automated bots, and that the support is really as present as they always say. Everything was as real as the company says on the website.


After a wonderful experience with the Best Essays service in Australia, we are more than willing to give them one of the highest ratings on this review site. This service is extremely generous with discounts and services offered, has a great support team, and provides constant quality.

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Product description:
Australian Writing Services

I always use bestessays for my assignments
September 12, 2019
10/10 stars
“I don’t think I’m their longest standing customer, but I’m one of them. Bestessays has been with me since my first year of college. I’m almost through this, all that’s left to finish is the dissertation. I’ve decided to put my trust into them again. So far, they’ve never let me down and I’ve made over 50 orders on their website.”

Good writing skills
August 02, 2019
9/10 stars
“I used the services of Bestessays more than once and on average I can say their service was good. Their dissertation writing service helped me save my time in my final year of college.”

Good job
May 13, 2019
10/10 stars
“As for me, they are the best among other services. Use them for more than 2 years now. The writers here high professionals and work were done well. There only one thing at my last essay the writer forget to add one point, so I ask for the revision. Nevertheless, he was handling to make it up to the deadline and free of charge.”

Rated 4.5/5
based on 44 customer reviews

*Note: Reviews taken from sitejabber.combestessays rating

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  1. Henry Forbes

    I finally got a service I can trust. The writers here do a good job in handling papers and their prices are very good, too.

  2. Aaron Trevino

    Great writers and even better service. I ordered a history essay and got a great one days before my deadline. The price was not bad, either.

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