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Presenting itself as the ‘A grader assignment service’, this company offers its writing expertise to students from US and worldwide. offers an inviting discount of 15% to those who decide to give the company a shot at handling their assignments. Is this a service you should try out? Read on.

When it comes to range of services, the list on the website is very confusing. Firstly, there is no such thing as a Services page, but a short list on the homepage. This list consists of essay writing, research paper, coursework help, assignment help, homework services, custom papers and other services. Considering that most of them somehow overlap, you cannot clearly see what they offer unless you open the ordering page and try to select your academic paper.

We decided to order a dissertation from the service. Apparently, you can order a dissertation for doctoral level, but with a quality of undergraduate. Why would they give such options? The quality of papers is not set in terms of Standard or Premium, but of academic levels, which is very confusing.

The paper we received was of average quality, even though we ordered it with the highest quality level. Choosing a lower quality option is therefore definitely not recommended.

Prices are almost impossible to find. Even though there is a special page for prices, the only rate mentioned here is the lowest one. Once you enter all personal information needed for the ordering process into the ordering form, you will see the quote on the bottom.

The lowest price of $12.99 applies to the lowest, undergraduate level for an essay assignment, with the longest possible deadline. If you decide to order an essay with the same or closer deadline, the prices are definitely not among the cheapest ones. We would place them in the average price category.

Discounts and Special Offers

If you are ordering for the first time, you can enter the 15% discount code and enjoy a reduced price for your order. However, there is no indication of a lifelong or bulk discount, so this would not be a preferred service for those who offer their papers online often.

From what we found, may be an A grader service, but not for an affordable price. The whole process one has to go through to see the quote they would pay is too time consuming and results in a higher price than one would expect from reading the content on the website. Additionally, there are no discount options aside from the inviting 15% off first-order discount, which is a reason why many students would turn to another service.

Written by: Linda Evans
Date published: 07/12/2016
2.5 / 10 stars

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