Review has been deemed as a great and professional writing service for students. However, the number of online reviews and comments state otherwise. People were not particularly happy with the services offered by this writing company. On average, four out of ten customers rated this writing service site quite poorly. review


Is Australian Writing legit? has claimed that the company has been working for more than 16 years in the writing service sector, not only in Australia but all around the world. However, this fact is hard to verify. For instance, you will not see any company called Australian Writing Pvt. Ltd in the registry of companies in Australia. This means that the company name either does not exist or is a fake.

Additionally, the .com domain name has been chosen to advertise the claim that the company also works on international orders. Factors like these will make you question the legitimacy of the writing service site.

Is reliable?

Reliability is a factor that sorely needs to improve on. While you will see several reviews and feedbacks that are shiny, a quick web search will show you more negative aspects of the writing service site than positive.

In fact, a certain review read that an assignment was completely ripped off from Wikipedia and the customer service was of no use. So, you need to be vigilant and careful while using the services of this writing company.

What are some negative aspects of

There are quite some negative aspects of Most of the online negative reviews cite that the pricing structure of the company does not match the quality of its content. Plus, it is hard to verify whether the company has been officially registered as a business.

Services offered

When it comes to services, Australian-Writing offers a wide range of academic texts like dissertations, essays, and book reports. Some reviews also state that you also have the option of making the company write only one part of the dissertation. For example, if you are facing problems with writing the abstract of your academic paper, you can let Australian-Writing do it for you.

But, you will see several writing sites expanding their branches to services like tutorials, essay planning, and homework, something that Australian Writing is not doing currently.

Quality of the papers

You will find a lot of reviews that are rated four or five stars. This makes a great deal of an impression on the customer. An review stated that the user received good grades for the assignment that was delivered well before the deadline.

Additionally, you will also see a lot of samples on their website. You can check out these samples for their style and legitimacy before you place your order. But, the most worrying aspect of this is that the samples contain no references.

This means that if your assignment does not contain any references, you will not be able to figure out whether the text is original or blatantly copied. This will raise red flags as your content might be plagiarized. On the brighter side, you get to work and collaborate with the writer. Once you place your order and the writer is assigned, the writer will constantly be in touch with you while writing down your project.

Prices of the services

According to an review, the prices of the services have been deemed as cheap. However, a four-page essay with the lowest quality and a 10-day deadline can cost you around A$ 79.96, which is quite high for a writing service site that offers to get work done at prices that are affordable for students.

But, you also get various discount offers on the final cost. For instance, on your first purchase, you can avail of a discount of 20%. Sadly, some people feel that even after the discount, the price range is above the average rate.

Customer support system

According to some review testimonials, several customers have had issues getting in touch with their writers. In this case, the customer services did a decent job of letting them know about the progress of their work. You can get in touch with the customer care agents via telephone, email, and live chat options.


Overall, it is safe to say that is an average writing service site. While the site might offer decent quality work, the lack of referencing, slow customer support, and the above-average price range might prove to be troublesome for students. Thankfully, these problems are not critical. The site has the potential to improve drastically if it can be lead in the right direction.

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