You will find a lot of AustralianHelp reviews stating that the writing service site is as bad as they come. Is it true though? No, it is not. However, the writing service could receive a lot fewer complaints if they could just lower their prices. While the prices might seem affordable, the quality of the service is not justified.

Due to reasons like this, the service is not very well-known in the Australian market. While you might be impressed at first by the well-designed website and services offered, you might get muddled if you decide to dig deeper.

australianhelp review


Is Australian Help legit?

While might not have a lot of history concerning their work, the writing service site shows a decently positive image. But, you also need to remember that most newcomers need to establish a good reputation and will always be extra careful with their quality of work. A few bad reviews can go a long way, which is why these service providers are very careful. As the reviews on the site show, they are being extremely cautious in this front.

Is Australian Help reliable?

AustralianHelp is a writing service provider that states that the standard of content quality is quite high and the essays are customizable. Apart from guaranteeing the quality, the site also ensures that your identity will be kept secured and your sensitive information will never be shared with anyone else; this is a big plus for an online business firm. However, a lot of reviews state that the company has failed again and again in maintaining the quality of its content.

What are some negative aspects of AustralianHelp?

According to the online reviews, the company is based in Ukraine and operated more like a gang of hooligans. The marketing strategy is quite shady and the writing service site is known to promote fake reviews to attract gullible victims. The pricing scheme is also said to be suspicious.

Services offered

While Australian Help is quite new to the Australian writing service market, it has managed to develop a versatile list of services like rewriting, copywriting, dissertation services, CV/Resume services, multiple-choice questions, admission services, editing, proofreading, and academic paper writing.

All these services cater well to a wide range of clientele like website owners, bloggers, and students. While the list of services can be defined as decent or impressionable, there is one service that you need to be aware of – rewriting. Rewriting is a service where you can order anything and pay for the original content; however, in this case, you will be paying for something that has been paraphrased from the first few pages of the Google results.

Quality of the papers

The quality of the papers offered by AustralianHelp is not terrible; however, according to some reviews, the quality of the work decreases at higher levels. For instance, if you are ordering a freshman- or school-level assignment, you might get a passable product. However, anything higher than that and the standard of writing immediately falls.

Also, the editing process of the site is just as bad; but the service does not bother hiring real proofreaders. A certain review states that the editors work on the snips and bits of the work and then rearrange the content. It would seem like the editors do not entirely understand the concept of editing, which is why you need to be careful when handing over your work for editing.

Prices of the services

At first glance, might seem like a cheap writing service site, which is a good sign for students. Additionally, the attractive looks of the website make the rates look more appealing. However, these low prices are also signs that something might be off in the wider picture.

The lowest rate here without discount is A$ 18.94, which lower than most of the reputable companies around the world. This amount is not sufficient to pay the type of writers that AustralianHelp claims to employ.

When it comes to discounts, the company does not shy away. You will find all kinds of discounts here ranging from welcoming to holiday discounts. The biggest discount you can procure is the 18AUFIRST code, which will offer you at least 18% off the total price.

Customer support system

The customer support team is usually the ones that will be handling all your queries and complaints. You can contact the agents via live chat, email, or telephone. However, you are required to register for the service before you can start the live chat session. In this case, you can promptly make use of the email or telephone service if you do not want to spend time on the registration process.

However, a certain AustralianHelp review stated that customer service is not as professional as it has been portrayed. When the writer of the review stated that the paper was not meeting his expectations, the team became ‘hostile’ and stated that he ‘got what he paid for’.


While the writing service has some aspects that are worthy of mentioning, but it does not mean that they are one of the leading horses in the race. While prices might be quite low and might have helped with the popularity, you need to be careful and understand that you might possibly end up with a low-standard writer that will offer you a bad service. However, if luck is on your side, you might find a talented writer working on your assignment and will offer you more than what you paid for.

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