Overview is one of the old companies, which immediately proves its legitimacy. This company has survived two decades and yet, it remained small with a limited number of writers. It’s an excellent sign since the majority of this type of services tends to increase their employee number to be able to make more money. Soon after, it’s the quality that suffers.

At AussieWriter, all writers are native Australian with a great deal of writing and research experience and high degrees from prestigious universities across the country. It is what kept this small company a highly praised service in all the reviews that date back to the beginnings of the service.

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The Services They Provide

We had to cut Aussie writers a couple of points from our rating because of some errors on the website. It’s nothing grave, though. You have to check the order form to access a full-service list. Otherwise, you’ll just be reading general information about what they offer.

Since we went through it all to get to a point where we’ll complete an entire review, we can now tell you that this service list is excellent. It has everything students need, which is impressive for such a small writing company. Since most of the AussieWriter reviews were positive, we are certain that their writers are equipped to handle all the papers in their list.

Writing Quality

This is a crucial moment in our AussieWriter review. The quality of such an old service is exceptional. Why? Well, because for over two whole decades, Aussie Writer has kept everyone happy, which is impressive. There’s hardly anything bad customers say, so when we made our order and waited for it, we were really hopeful, too.

Everything ended successfully. We didn’t face any delays, nor did we need to send papers back like we tend to do with some of the companies we review. The quality was as promised and as expected. Basically, there are three options for quality to choose from. If your level is somewhere in the middle between high school and PhD, you should use the option we chose – Premium quality. It’s better priced than the Platinum and just slightly higher than the Standard option.

The order we made was for a Master’s level paper. This quality fits the requirements perfectly and thankfully, it’s one of the companies that really guarantee originality and accurate content.

Price Overview

This may come as a shock when you hear how good the service is, but they are really far from a high-priced company! We could even rate them as cheap if we eliminate the unrealistic quotes offered online. An essay begins at a price of A$24.99 for Standard quality and a 10-day deadline. Our research paper cost us A$25.99 per page – an excellent offer. It was even improved by a great, welcoming discount of 17%, something that we didn’t expect to happen. We didn’t see this offer on the home page, even though it’s clearly there. Thankfully, they calculate the discount automatically, so we were in for a really pleasant and generous surprise.


The support was extraordinary. They were helpful, fast, and did their job professionally. It’s also good to know that you can always reach them.


AussieWriter is one of the gems on the Australian market for writing assignments for students. It has established a long-standing, really high reputation throughout their work that lasts over two decades now. Even though they are very popular, they remained a small company with only the most qualified writers. This also lets them charge considerably low rates for high-quality papers, which is something no student would be able to resist.

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Product description:
Australian Writing Services

Good Customer Service
October 15, 2019
8/10 stars
“I have to say I’m impressed with their service recovery, initially, I had quite a few issues with my order and was not happy. However, Aussiewriter managed to go above and beyond to rectify this and ensure all my concerns were resolved.”

Rated 4/5
based on 1 customer reviews

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