• A constant low reputation with customers;
  • Frequently delayed papers;
  • Slow and unprofessional support service;


So far, we have never heard of Assignment Provider Australia. This service was incognito for us, something you don’t often come across when you read advice for writing companies in testimonials. Even so, the website of AssignmentProvider speaks as if this is the most popular company. When we read it, we were intrigued. How does a writing service with such a limited reputation have so many great AssignmentProvider reviews to proudly publish on their website? In fact, this became an obvious scam when we didn’t find a single similar Assignment Provider review outside their official website. Those who have used it don’t have a lot of great things to say about it.

If you want to see what we uncovered when we dug around the web and ordered, read the rest of this AssignmentProvider review.

The Services They Provide

Starting from this point, we were already slightly disappointed in this assignment provider in Australia. Even if we liked how they handled the order, we’d still not be able to order a lot. The list given by AssignmentProvider is very limited, to say the least. With a bit over ten different service choices, this isn’t really an ideal or constant choice of a company if you need papers often.

Price Overview

The prices are cheap, which should have been enough of a sign for us to understand what expects us here. A week as a deadline for an essay would cost you only A$17.99, something you rarely find in high-rated companies.

This is turned into an even better offer with the whopping 20% discount for newcomers. We didn’t find a loyalty discount, but after that quality, we can hardly see anyone using the service more than once.


We might be able to go through the issue with the services list if the quality were as promised. It wasn’t. In fact, the things they said about the best quality could not be further from the truth.

Our order results were so negative, they confirmed all the things we read about the service – combined together. They delayed it for a couple of hours, which obviously happens often, and sometimes it is even worse. Then, there was 36% of plagiarism, once again something students have reported in the past. And finally, it had too many errors, the thing which confirmed what many had to say about Assignment Provider aus – it doesn’t really work with Aussie writers.


As we suspected after reading those testimonials, the support is no good, either. They are too slow and not at all helpful when you’re having troubles as we did. They didn’t help us at all with our issue.


The company failed us in every way possible and did nothing to amend this. What we experienced is the same as what most students have written online, which makes assignmentprovider-aus a poor choice of a company to hire to write your papers.

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September 12, 2019
5/10 stars
“This was my first time trying a service like this and the paper was very poorly done.”

Rated 3/5
based on 3 customer reviews

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