Academized review from customer
Rated 2/10
Be Careful!!!

Academized is unreasonably expensive for a normal high schooler, but at the same time, their quality doesn’t match the cost. So, in case if you’re low on the spending plan, then Academized writing simply isn’t for you.

I’ll explain below why I think like that and what you can expect from using Academized writing service.

Academized is one of the numerous online academic writing trending sites specialized in a custom academic writing for all level students. In any case, in the wake of checking the administrations they offer, I saw that the organization has an exceptionally restricted list of scholastic papers which they can help you to write.


Matching orders is of a great importance of delivering quality product to the customer.

This was the line which brought me closer to Academized and I hired them on high rates. But my experience with Academized was very painful.  I paid $25 dollars per page but the quality of content which I got seemed like it was written by some 2nd or 3rd grader. I found dozens of syntactic blunders, couldn’t pursue even basic English formatting rules. One thing I want to add here that it is not necessary that all their writers are of the same standard, but what I experienced was far from even moderate. Unfortunately, the quality of writing is below average.

Prices and Discounts

If you were expecting a fair price list or discounts then look further! Only Editing services I find as having fair prices, while the rest of their services like Proofreading, Copywriting, Writing, Rewriting are expensive. At the same time, if you have big projects then you get 5% lifetime discount when you order 15 pages, 10% when you order over 50 pages. So if you need to write small projects then the company is not offering you any discounts. In this regard, services are more expensive than those which their competitors offer. Maybe if the customer returns for more orders then he/she can get a loyalty discount but I am not sure about that.

Quality of Work 

As I’ve said I hired a writer from the top-level experts at Academized. I was in a hurry and had no other alternative as there was a hard deadline. Academized delivered the report with watermarked effects. Do they think that students need to re-type the entire report to give it to a mentor for the final submission? When I asked for the explanation from Academized, they exhorted me to peruse their T’s and C’s meaning that once we accept the work they are not responsible for them thereafter. However in my case, I accepted the final report in a hurry because the deadline was very close.

Customer Support

Poor communication and rude Customer Support. Customer support agents are not available most of the times. Sure they have a chat on the website but that is also email based contact form, therefore it’s no use because nobody won’t reply you there. I admit that this is the worst support I have ever seen…

Final Conclusion

As a conclusion, I can say that services which are provided by Academized don’t correspond with the money they charge. It seems that their writers are not native speakers and the cost is undoubtedly high.

Academized – is not recommended.

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